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PBSH is a comprehensive residential treatment facility for men. We help people with the disease of addiction and/or life controlling problems to recover and gain control of their lives. During the program, the clients are able to regain wholeness in mental, physical, social & spiritual well-being and connect with the recovery community. Our clinical expertise, combined with our body, mind, community and spirit approach to addiction treatment enables our staff to focus on all aspects of the patient while simultaneously addressing different issues. Regardless of the level of treatment needed by you, your patient or your loved one, our programs are both comprehensive and individualized to build a strong foundation for sustained addiction recovery.

The PBSH Treatment is a comprehensive, gender specific program that treats alcoholism, drug addiction and other co-occurring disorders. The primary addiction treatment program doesn't require detoxification. The facility manager will conduct an individual client assessment and with the client set achievable goals for life reconstruction and independence. This process involves attending recovery support groups, getting a sponsor within the first 30 days of admission, actively working a 12-step program, home groups membership and group volunteer assignment. The recovery process is systematic and requires intensive work as well as personalized care.

All residential facilities are located within access of the recovery community. Transportation is provided for recovery support groups and community work. The facility has a structured environment which helps the client to regain structure in their lives and become productive members of society. Although, clients are encouraged to focus on themselves to find the balance in recovery, family support is allowed in a healthy manner. Clients receive ongoing, around-the-clock support and care they need, paired with a strong peer network of support, which are both critical components to recovery. 

Some clients have taken advantage of extended residential program care and have resided with the facility for up to 5 years. At this level, the client is encouraged as much as possible to remain connected with support groups, sponsorship, group commitments as well as 12-step work and gainful employment. This transitional level of care focuses on extensive relapse prevention therapy and addressing unresolved issues. 

Working closely with professional advocacy and monitoring organizations, our Professionals' Program specifically focuses on the unique challenges faced by licensed and other kinds of skilled professionals when undergoing addiction treatment and recovery programs. The wide array of services and support for the clients integrates an addiction recovery program into their daily lives.

Through our Relapse Prevention services, patients and clients learn to make a connection to their spirituality and how to harness the power of applying the 12-Step principles in all their affairs 

Continuing Care services may include weekly outpatient group sessions facilitated by the program manager as well as similar supportive services focused on meeting ongoing addiction recovery needs. 

Through involvement in our Family Program, family members begin to understand the dynamics of the disease and its path for treatment.

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